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Modalities that can create new space for your body, mind & soul. Bringing ideas, tools and products that I use in my everyday life.  Remember not one thing works the same for everyone so take and leave as you will. Life is about Choice - if you choose to use any, all or none of what I am putting on here it is by your choice only. 

I use the tools of Access Consciousness. The views expressed in and on this page do not reflect @Access Consciousness views and ideas.

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Claire Oakley

I used to live in a world where I thought I was constantly wrong, nothing seemed to be going right. I was unhappy in my marriage, I had suffered and felt wrong in all of my decisions, and it was like I was in a washing machine going around and around.

I had been with my husband at the time for 25years. We grew up together, we were young and thought we knew everything. I had previous trauma in my life and I thought he was my saviour and my rock. 
We have 4 children together, and 1 miscarriage. I have been through emotional, sexual, physical abuse. Being the empath that I am I felt everything deeply and had lost my joy and happiness.

I was looking for something else, I knew there was something else out there that could make life easy, that could stop the struggle.

I couldn't fix anything anymore, I was running out of energy, I was running out of the spirit to live. Remembering on my darkest days, thinking that I could simply open the car door as I was driving along and it would be ok because it wouldn't hurt that much, or the days when I couldn't get out of bed when my youngest was born because I simply couldn't function under the pressure of what life was. 
To feel like a fool, because on the surface my life was fine, a hubby who cared for me and the kids, house, cars, food etc etc. Wasn't that bad! Yet I was dying inside, I wasn't who I am, I wasn't happy, I was going through the emotions of what/who I thought I was supposed to be, a good wife, a good mother, a good worker and the list went on. 

It was never good enough though, because I didn't feel good enough. I had been to see counsellors, over and over, personal development courses, Tony Robbins. I could see small break throughs yet I would either go backwards or I felt like I was going around in circles never seeming to get ahead. Fighting with myself and my husband because I could not work out why things were only changing so slowly when I was working so hard to make it right!

Then I got to the point where I really couldn't fix anything anymore. I couldn't see a way past to fix the drift between my husband and I, I fell out of love with everything that he had been for me and the family, tired of trying, tired of it not working. 

I was asked by a counsellor - Do you still want to be married - simple answer was no. 

From there things were changing quite quickly, working out who I was, walking in a dream of who I wanted to be, what I was supposed to be doing, for myself and my children. 

There is so much more I could tell you, the long and short of it is this: 

My sister began her journey in becoming a remedial massage therapist, there began my interest in the body, she taught me so much, then a girlfriend said lets learn Reiki, that opened up things that I had put aside for so long because I thought that was wrong too. Learning and developing them, then an appointment with a Kinesiologist/Chiropractor again changed my life, from a 2 ltr a day coke addiction to nothing. Then studying Kinesiology myself, then Access Consciousness was the next modality, which has changed my life, this has truly given me the tools to change how my day is in a matter of moments. 

To actually knowing what happiness is for me, and that joy can and is possible for me, it simply looks different for everyone. Yet with the tools being used on a daily basis, everyone can have so much ease in their life. It is truly incredible and I have felt more like me than any other period in my adult life. 

This is my mission for you, to help you create ease, to not have the struggle anymore, to find your joy, to breathe again, not simply because you have to, it is because you are choosing to.

Join me for an exploration of what is possible in creating your life instead of simply surviving your life. 

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Hi Claire,
Just wanted to say a massive Thank you to you. My life has literally changed for the better since doing your "How much are you willing to receive" session. I will admit I was a little nervous about doing it when my wife suggested it but I am so glad I did.
You made me feel super comfortable and the way you got to the bottom of what was really blocking me from allowing myself to receive absolutely blew me away.
The last six weeks my life has transformed long story short my work environment which I wanted to leave so badly and nearly did has literally transformed around me and it is interesting a lot of the qualities I was seeking elsewhere and positive changes I was hoping to attract have now occured in my workplace with changes in staff and people showing up who seem more aligned with myself, values and I am so enjoying the changes that are occuring. I feel more settled in myself and more positive about my families future.
I have also had some Wins on the attracting abundance front including unexpected sources and I am excited to see what else is possible now
Thank you so much for what you do I cannot recommend you highly enough and I am super grateful for the positive changes in my life
Thanks again


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