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I wonder...........??????

I wonder - do you think - What would happen if we honoured ourselves and the greatness that we truly be?

Do you think that us playing small, now I know that "playing" doesn't really equate to what our adult minds perceive us to be doing, yet what if that is all this is?

What if our life is all about the game we play, the role we give ourselves as the director and producer of us. Sure we have influencers such as parents, peers, teachers, employers that try to put upon us their ideals and fantasies of what they perceive our role should be in their life or even in our own life.

What if though we decided and chose something different?

What if we chose a reality with such splendor and joy as we do when we are children?

What if we were in allowance for that to happen in our lives, do you think others would see that and think perhaps I would like more of that too?

Where do you find the joy in your life?

Do you have it when you are playing small or are you pretending?

When do you have the freedom to choose as you wish to when you wish to do that?

Do you choose the breakfast you have in the morning or do you deny yourself that freedom because you will do it later or you are "running late" for a job you hate?

What if you didn't have to choose that anymore? I wonder what would happen if you chose for you?

I wonder what would happen if you could see how your life could be if you knew you couldn't fail?

What could you create? Are you creating for you or for someone else?

What choice of possibilities are you willing to step into for your life?

We are bombarded by news, music, radio, people, advertisement all around us to consume, work hard, consume to have this and to get that, become this, do that.

There is no right or wrong with that and it simply is, who and what people are functioning from at this point in this reality.

What if you could change that reality for you? What if you could change the perception of what you would like to be living in your reality?

What if your reality was completely different to those around you and that was ok?

Does that make you wrong, Does that make you right? What if it just was!

IF you allowed yourself the freedom to choose what would you choose? Would your reality look like, what they again, portray being successful and living the dream look like everyone else or would it look like yours? Would you become a missionary, serving others in less fortunate cities, towns, countries, would you like to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, perhaps it is working in a cafe' or writing a book, simply taking morning walks, crafting an invention that has been stirring in your world, wow the adventures of choice could be endless! The point is, what you dream of your reality is completely different to what others would choose for themselves and that is ok, more than ok.

And now I hear you say - yeah right how do I do that? You are living in a dream world, you don't have this, you don't have that, I am in this or I am in that.

Boy oh Boy - Do you not think that I have been through that and go through that each day.............let me tell you! Me and my reality woke up this morning yes to an amazing husband, lover, friend, yes we have a beautiful house, yes life is great.

In one second though, my world came crashing down, simply by the effect of one question that was asked from him, a simple question that is part of me, my life and business growing and I shrunk 😔 I felt myself literally shrink, I began to go into blame and shame of myself, of him, then because I recognised that feeling, that melting of not being good enough I asked myself a question, Do I - Am I choosing to stay stuck and tiny, or am I choosing to face the question and create action from that to move in a different direction.

You see I could have stayed in the blame and shame, because I hadn't done something I said I would do, I could have made myself wrong, I could have went to anger and frustration at him for even commenting where would that take his day and my day. It would have been pretty shit to say the least.

I chose to get up and walk over to him, I thanked him for asking, for the question, for the nudge to step out and create what I am asking for.

So you see its not a huge step or big leap you have to take to start creating your life, it is in the 10 second increments of choice.

It is in those minute seconds moments where we can stay small or in the moments where we can decide and choose to create a different reality.

What are you choosing today to create a different reality for you?

What choice can you make in this 10 seconds to bring more of you, your reality, into your life?

Choices Create the Change

Action creates the Momentum

Possibilities become endless for Creation of the life you desire!

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