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Looking through the window

Currently I am doing the 30 day yoga with Adriene Home practice and each morning I look out my window to see the sun rising, I look out through a dirty window, each morning I say gee whiz I really should clean that window, this morning as I looked out I started to think the same thing, and then I also had the realization that its like the story of the lady neighbour looking out her window, she would say every day as the person next door hung out the washing how dirty her washing was and what a bad job she was doing, until one day the husband cleaned their window and it was sparkling clean, she was surprised that the person next door had finally learnt how to clean their clothes, the husband turned to her and said it was our windows that was dirty not that she didn’t know how to clean her clothes.

That made me think, what are my thoughts and what do I say as I look out the lens of my eyes and through the window, into the world, are my thoughts reflected back to me in this dirty window, is that all I see, is the grease, grime, bird poo, dust, sea salt, on and on the list could go as to what could be on my windows and what I am seeing through my eyes.

Or am I looking passed it to the beauty of what is rising before me with the eyes of a baby in wonderment and excitement for what lays ahead for me, do I look at the beautiful colour’s of the sun reflecting through the clouds giving off sprays of oranges, reds, hues of dark blue and a sky so light blue it's difficult to describe, the depth and the layers of the beauty before me in the day that is to come, am I truly going to see it for the glorious day that it is or am I looking at the dirt that is through every window and concentrating on that.

What do you choose, do you choose to look through the windows of your eyes and only see the bad, the news that is in your face all day, the horror of what they betray this world to be?

Or do you choose to look through the window of your eyes and see the beauty that is, cause wow it sure is beautiful out there, I appreciate so much that when I look out, I see past the dirty, I see past the imperfections, I see past the “problems” that I perceive that I have and each morning, each day, I choose to admire the beauty of the sun rising over the tree tops, each morning I am choosing to be here in my body, each morning I am choosing my life, I am choosing to go to work so that I may be able to buy my husband the yummiest steak today because he is having a bit of a rough trot and I know how much he will enjoy a good steak cooked for dinner tonight.

(yes yes, all the vegans I know it sounds terrible- to him though it nurture’s – again it’s a choice)

Today I am choosing to see the beauty of what our world has to offer us, today I choose me, today I choose the possibilities of what can be created, today I choose to look passed the dirt and then on the weekend I will grab my ladder and I will clean that window so that I will again have a clear view, I will be even more grateful to have a clearer vision of the sunrise and the day that lay ahead.

We all look out through dirty windows; difference is what do you see? Do you choose to see the beauty or are you stuck on the grease and grime, the imperfections of what is portrayed as this reality? How do you choose to see the world?

What can you do today to give yourself a different view?

What choice of possibilities do you require and desire for your life to become greater?

One choice each day is all it takes to begin to create a happy life. There is no right or wrong, there is however beauty and creation, sure sometimes that is all messed up, you gotta keep choosing to see the beauty in what is there, keep choosing to see how glorious our world really is, what your mind believes it truly conceives, if it's all dirty then that’s what you will continue to see, if its mostly beauty, happy and glorious with a small bit of dirt mixed in that you can wash away every day by your choices.

What world could we create with our choices?

What possibilities beyond the dirt is available to us all?

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